My Journey 


Realised how it feels to make money at the age of 8 years and soon learnend the value of creativity by creating unique objects and selling my my own price .


Joined FITJEE and few more skilled devlopment cources to explore more aspects of life and started practicing meditation .

This was a turning phase where I start focusing on life and its purpose instead of making my life as everyone else on this planet .Many religious practices in combination with knowledge of all 4 Vedas changed the way to look towards life and created huge impact on my inner wisdom .


Team Work , Web Development ,Vice precident of Rotaract , Grew up With Great Company of Budhism , Hare Krishna, Isho, Sadguru and also Electronics and telecommunication engineering .

Founded Entrepreship cell to solve bigger problem then just getting a good marks and job. 

 Four Years of Engineering was not just year of Engineering at all .If you ask me then I would say in pune while I was doing engineering i spent everyday in sucha way that everyday was new and full of learning about different culture and skills . 

8th May 2017

Visited Isha Foundation and found the little glimse of life and How to to live life 

I was so much influenced my spirituality at this point of life as I realised that every answer of my questions is in me and spirituality is the only way to connect me and my soul to receive answers and way to live my life . 

june 2017 

Started my Journey by representing INDIA in a Country like China as a Teacher and Creative planner with 16 more friends from 16 different countries.

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